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Δ TI Drome 3 - Party reports

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Party-Reports door Organisers
(Alleen engelse versies beschikbaar)

Hier kan je enkele 'reportages' lezen, geschreven door een paar organisers zelf, over TI Drome 3. Als je dit leest heb je een aardig goed beeld van hoe het was op TI Drome 3.. De verslagen zijn geschreven in het Engels, een nederlandse vertaling zal ook niet worden gemaakt :)


TI DROME 3 REVIEW done by APOLLO/ROYAL (An organiser)
Ti Drome 3 was a whole lot more organising.. Kindda weird when realising we doubled the organisation crew. But nevertheless, we;ve had a great time ourselves and gave the people a great time also, judging at the reactions i've hears so far.

At Friday, we did indeed open the doors at 18:00, and people got the note that they shouldnt be early, but hell, at 18:00 till 18:30 it got -quite- crowded.. I personally think we were not 100% prepared for that but hell, we succeeded. The whole friday from 18:00 on, all the organisers were 150% busy getting all in order, getting people on the net, helping people out (damn i felt like a VVV office hehe), getting the videostuff 100% complete (the texts on the several screens needed updating which i havent had the time to do before opening), etc. Nevertheless it worked out allrite, even the friday ;) ..

If i remember correctly we played the first night a movie called Hackers, but i myself didnt really had a chance to follow it .. nevertheless it is a good movie i heard. The first nite i got some sleep, 2.5 hours it was.. I slept in a more quiet place, the VW transporterbus i brought with me, everybody should have seen the thing, directly next to the entrance ;).

Saturdaymorning i felt already quite blurry.. But after freshing up at the toilet i felt a lot better, ready for the 2nd asskicking day. Saturday all of us had some more time also for ourselves, afterall, most (NOT ALL) people were finally connected to the net.. there were a few (1 or 2) exceptions which some of us gave a LOT of effort on but did not succeeed to get on the net. KC did also an EXCELLENT job in this, he was a great help. But, so saturday i also got the videosystems more or less stabile working, only thing was the time schedule which had to be changed drastically ;)) .. but who cares really.. I had even some time to play some C&C and Duke.. If i recall correctly I didnt win to much out there hehe .. but then again I'm a amiga user so that servers pretty well as excuse, eh ;)

Masir and me later on played some PC and Amiga demos (did that 3 times during the whole party, some quite nice demos passed by) Also I got some VHS tapes from Zeno, (thx!) and played them on the screen.. They were very nice, with some incredible cool effects. Personally i liked the railway tru the mine VERY much ..

Saturdaynight we held this Duke Nukem compo .. I had some stuff lying ready for using on the screen to keep up with the scores etc, so we opened the subscribing session for some hours and when I finally finished my C&C game (ehhe) we were ready to get playing .. 6 poules or some, with 5 or 6 players, end the winners in one game against eachother.. The winner was Rx2, followed by MM.Both organisers, but it was fair play. Only problem was some difference in machine capacity and some different keyboard layouts. But well, we cant have it all eh.. After the final was over i was so shitty tired i went almost immediately to get some sleep. But i heard that nite the movie Species has been played.

The next morning (9:30 for me) i was felling even more shitty then saturdaymorning, but hey ;) .. Sunday was a calm day, had some time to play C&C, and i found out it was possible to setup a C&C game over more segments, but after 4 attempts and all of them out of sync in few mins, i stopped trying.. I guess it was bcoz of the TokenRing bridges, which causes delays. We'll remember for the next party ;) .. Duke was not that sensitive, and Quake was no problem at all.

We also replayed Species coz a lot of people (I MYSELF!) hadnt seen the movie yet.. I watched it together with Cin and Amakan, and I think the movie ROCKED ;) .. I liked it by the way that there were some girls, lets name them all : CIN!, PURPLE ROSE, JJ and LVK. Also Purple Rose which doesnt have any affection with computers at all, thanks for coming.

But then there was the Playstation and Duke to play around with. The playstation was rather nice but we could not use it in the way we've planned, coz there was only ONE controller. so not 2 players could play against eachother, so no PS compo's .. too bad but well, we did our best.

Sunday was a shorter day, at about 17:30 we downed the servers, and at 18:00 everybody was packing his stuff. when all left we could clean the room, and I got into my own beddybed at 1:30. QUITE TIRED INDEED :)



Hi FolkZ! This is MASiR hitting the keys.
DAMN! Was it gooood. (The party that is) The PartyPlaza was all neat when the organisation arrived. UNTIL... The cables came out. Almost every1 was doing something with a cable, wheter it was Coax, Electrical or Audio/Video.. Kinda chaos-like. But after a while, the servers ran, the BigScreen was placed, the partyplace was set up, and we were ready to roll.. Well, almost.. Hehe.. It's just that the Info for the BigScreen wasn't all ready yet, and.. The opening-animation had to be rendered.. Sorry.. but I just got my new PC 1! Day before the party.. Since I sold my old one, I couldn't get an animation earlier.. That means NiGhT-CoMpInG! Yup, the anim was made during nighttime, and rendered just before the party.. Not to brag, But I found it rather nice for a 3D animation made in only 10 Hrz. Which however, was shown a bit later then sceduled, but what the heck! One can't wait with all the phun until a tiny opening is shown! That's a waste of time.

Well.. So we had the party-place all set up.. We claimed that the doors would be locked until 18:00 for the users.. And they obayed.. Damn! Many, and I mean MANY partydudes came in almost exactly after 18:00!! Once again Chaos! Imagine about 35 users paying entrance, renting LANcards/T-pieces/LAN-cables, asking for accounts at the servers, etc., all at the same time! BWWAARGH! That almost stressed out everyone in the organisation.. Luckily, all comes to an end.. So did this chaos.. And the party started.. Well.. Actually, everyone started to pump his/her software to the file- servers.. Kinda slowed down the network a (GREAT) bit.. Hehe.. Thanks to ASO's friend, who put all ASO's home-scanned SevenTeen Xrated pictures at the server.. It pissed ASO off a bit.. Hehe.. Kewl..

Then the gaming-wars began.. Main LAN-game was (is?) Duke 3D.. And, of course, C&C was still popular.. A new game on the run was Network Q Rally.. Very nice indeed.. It kinda surprised me that Quake had been the underdog these 3 days to Duke, BIGTIME.. That's why the organisation arranged a Duke-Compo, day 2 (Night.. actually). I had to compete in one of the first 'heats', but I was too busy IRC'ing.. AND.. Yer place behind internet was gone when you left it for a while.. Anyway, in the last round, I competed.. And I am still thinking that: !!! ELMO CHEATED!! I HAD 1 KILL MORE THEN HE DID AT ENDING TIME. BUT, SINCE MM (!) COULDN'T FIND THE PAUSE KEY AT !! M Y !! KEYBOARD, ELMO MANAGED TO END UP WITH 3 MORE KILLS..


Haah.. That felt good.. But, after the final round, the compo was won by .. Rx2.. Hah!.. Unfair.. He probably hacked the LAN once again to win. ;)

Another success was the internet-corner.. Maybe we need some more systems for that next time, since one couldn't surf the net without some other user waiting next to you, anctious to take your place. (Hehe.. Nope, there was NO WAY you could get Xrated piccy's anonimously). Anyway, for the FIRST time in my life, I USED the multitasking-options under Windows '95 (Shhhh.. Don't tell anyone else..) Yeah! I was leeching, IRC'ing and copying floppies at the same time.. Kinda kewl (And new for me ;]) Rx2 managed to hack his way to an Xrated page, filled with piccy's.. I took us (Rx2, Elmo and me) quite a while to leech them..

The BigScreen turned out to be a success, too.. You missed some VERY cool computeranimations there. Those videos were brought along by an Amiga dude.. (Big Thanx!) Also, we got something nice 'n bloody to see.. Species.. Hehe Naaaice.. And for even more fun, we rented .. Many major PC and AMI demo's were shown at the BigScreen, too.. Pity that Duke nuked much of the attention for the screen, though.. And, when 'unused', the screen would display an information-sequence, made by Soultaker (Scala/Amiga).

Personally, I didn't get much chance to play too much netgames.. Only four things I had done were..

IRC'ing (Did that for a loooong while, 3D Studio channel r00lz!)
Playing with the mini-camera, 'confiscated' from Stretch.. Man! Is that cool! I wanna have one, too.. The outcome of the playing with it can be seen in the piccy's, downloadable here..
Helping users with problems..
Helping more ignoring users..
Finally, I have a question:

"Doesn't anyone know how much time/stress/etc it takes to organise a party?"

Why do I wanna know? Well..As if none of the partypeople missed enuf sleep, their very question was, just a week after the party when I met some of them:

"When is the next party gonna be?????????"

AAAARRRGGH!! Are you stupid!?! No, just to be serious.. It was a lot of work organising the event, and it surely paid off.. Everyone had a lot of fun (and a lot of software ;]).

Last thing I want to say is that there WILL be a next party, around May/April.. It might be Ti-Drome 4, might be called something else too.. Just keep your surfboards passing by this page, we'll let you know when the fun is gonna be returned to you..

PRoPS, QouTeS, PeaCe & ReSPeCT!

C-Ya in a next cybertime, buddyboy!


Party Report on Ti-DROME 3 Done by MM

The party started really early for me. I had to be at Elmo's place at 9:30 in the morning, and I still had to pack all my stuff. But at 9:00, we (Yeah great thanks to my father for driving me) set off to LOCHUIZEN so we could drive together to Haaksbergen. When we arrived there, I saw, like a giant nightmare, a small ford fiesta totally loaded with:

4 file servers.
1 internet server.
3 workstations.
A lot of monitors.
And a lot more..
We drove off, and about 20 minutes later we arrived in Haaksbergen. The hall wasn't open yet, so Elmo could take some pictures of his car (I want them !!##@@. Then the owner arrived and we unpacked the cars. Elmo and I started to arrange the chairs and tables in the hall and put powercables trough the hall. Soon the rest of the organization arrived and we could start installing the file servers and put the network cables in segments. At about 6 o'clock the first guests came in and the big work started :). From that moment I think I've heared about 200 times "Ik kan niet op het netwerk komen". I was running around helping people and I was crowling all over the floor to make sure all cables were taped to the ground. After an hour or four, the rest was coming back, and we had time to show the amazing :) intro animation.


And then there was light. Whow time flies when you're having fun! It was the second day, the first "body's" were sighted and some people even went home for a nap. The second day there were still a lot of network troubles (later we found out some people were using 75 ohm network cables). A lot of Quake netgames were played and that also used the network a lot. We decided to arrange a duke match for that night, and when some people went out to some disco's, we held the match. The winner was RX2. The second night came, and I was getting tired but my 10 can's of black booster and TEAR's guarana pil's held me awake. At 6 o'clock in the morning SiD and I tried to take a nap, but we weren't tired enough :).


Sunday came and people started to leave. A great party came to the end, and then there were the leftover's: empty bottles, chips, bags, and a lot of "friet bakjes".

Yup, I'm already thinking about the next drome. What is it going to be, bigger or just the same size, featuring some nice xtra's we don't know yet, but I'm sure there are going to follow more parties named Ti-DROME or ELSE we don't know yet ...........



A little Party Report By Rx2..
Well it looks like every organiser is typing some sort of report of the party.. Well I couldn't be tha one that didnt do anything so here you have a littl' vague text about tha Best Party Around..

TI-DROME!!! Numero 3!!
One thing before I start.. Don't mind tha incorrect spellings..

I will start fromt tha begining.. As you normaly do you start planning such a party.. Well we also did that.. First time we went to MaSiR's flushhome.. After some ill-communication between MM and me I finaly got there.. But that wasn't the problem.. At a certain point in time we had to get out of there.. Well you say no problemo.. Wrong.. Man that city is strang.. We drove around well surely 30 mins before we finally knew were we were again.. Pulled some strang things to get to tha local Mac there.. Which was ofcorse closed.. Well almost.. During this 'meeting' we discused what we wanted to have.. Turned out we wanted a very big network and ofcouse with tha best systems around.. (Useless to say but we didn't get all of it.. Maybe next time..)

After this meeting we had one at Elmo's place the weekend before the thing was to start.. And who welcomed us there?!?!?! A BIG DOG!!!! This was a nice raining sunday well spend.. We got everything running so nothing could go wrong at tha party.. But that's not all.. No ofcourse I had to be tha one who made a littl' mistake.. Normaly you have a sweater with 4 holes.. 1 for yar head.. 2 for tha arms and one to wear it normally.. But at a certain moment in time I suddenly had a sweater with 6(!) holes in it.. Don't ask me how.. It was one of me best sweaters.. Damm..

Final tha time arived.. It was party time.. I was picked up from a strang, obscure wooden barak by Apollo and MaSiR with a smelly, hot, old van.. Together we went to tha party place.. Turned out we were tha last of the organisation to arive.. Tippical me because I'm always late.. ;) We started to give the systems some juice and lay out some cables so that everyone atleast had power at their tables.. And some basic networkcable.. Ofcourse we had to use a lot of tape to stop them from moving.. Final we figured we had everything ready so let the party people in.. Oh it isn't time yet oh well then we did a good job.. We all felt we had a good setup.. Then the clock striks 18:00.. And with it came a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of people.. We were stunned.. We were over run.. We became panic itself.. We had suicidel plans.. Man there came a lot of people.. But to cut this part short we mannaged to survive it.. And with a few exceptions we got everbody directly on our network.. Tha ones with problems came later..

And then we thought ahhhh well.. We done it.. But we forgot one thing.. Useraccounts on the servers.. Yeah we had more then one server there.. ;) Again we had suicidal plans.. Everbody wanted a useraccount.. But that wasn't to difficult.. Just took some time..

And from there on everbody started playing gamez, copying nice software he/she (Yeah we had females there!! I would like to take is moment to thank tha ladies for coming!!) and lending cd's.. And during this all we showed some movies.. First we had Hackers.. Almost tha everbody went to watch this cool movie.. Then later we had species.. Damm this one was also damm good.. Nice babe in it by tha way.. To bad she turned out to be a alien.. ;) And during this all we organised a Duke Compo.. And well some people say I hacked me way in this game.. Well no.. I'm just tha best there is in playing Duke.. ;) So who ever you are who is reading this I challance you to beet me in a game of Duke.. I also remember that, at TiD#2 I was also tha best at a game.. Again they said I hacked me way in it.. Thnkz for tha credit but again no zorry.. ;)

Further more we had a littl' Internet corner there were people could IRC/FTP/WWW.. I think next time we will improve this thing.. It was a big success.. I'd happen to spend some time there too.. Finally turned OP's on me favorit channel.. ;) (No not #TEENSEX!!! :)) And checked out how some WWW pay site were managed.. ;) And ofcourse some were so nice we just had to have access.. :) Well here a bit of hacking was used.. I think.. Can't really remember much of it.. ;) Only that a lot of nice pics came from that site.. Thknz to Elmo and MaSiR in leeching them also..

And then we suddenly had a call.. If we wanted to give a interview.. So we dragged our best man to tha phone, it was live on tha air!!, namely SiR.. Turned out later this interview was given at around 02:00 in tha morning. Felt like 2 hour clock in tha afternoon do.. That's what a party does to yar mind.. ;)

Well I think that sumes it up mostly.. So as you can see.. This text is a bit vague.. But hey hell the party was so good that there was to much to remember.. So be there next time for a fucking good time!!

Rx2 / TiD Member / GBC Crew