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Δ Party Report TI Drome 1

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Hieronder de letterlijke weergave van het "party report" van TI Drome 1, zoals deze destijds circuleerde op de TI fileservers van het ROC. TI-Drome 1 was de allereerste keer dat het evenement waaruit het huidige Drome is voortgekomen is georganiseerd, destijds alleen bestaande uit een groep bekenden van circa 15 personen

Let niet teveel op de vreemde schrijf/spellings stijl, dat was onderdeel van waar het omdraaide destijds :)

2 - 3 - 4 February 1996
Hengelo (ov)

(Organised by Master Max!mum, MasiR/b≤-Crew">No Logic and Apollo/Ryl)

- -- PARTY REPORT -- -

>> Typed by MasiR
@@ by Ólmo
XX Added later by Apollo/Ryl
/ by ASO

   Okay ..  Here I am spilling my thoughts bout this party in a littl
   text ..  TI Drome for me begun at Saturday bout 14:30, bcoz of the
   fucking ijzel I couldnt get here Fridayevening ..  Too bad but hey
   ..  At least I wast that sleepy the 2nd night of the party ..

   >> Not for me.. I got there at Friday about 13:00.
      The fun started way earlyer for me. :)
      I (we) started to install the ethernet cables, which were provided
      by the school (PRoPS 2 Mr. Broekman!), after MM & I made them a
      week earlier at friday. So every1 could get some juice for his
      sys, and hook into the network..
      Oh, yeah.. All seemed to go up in smoke as I wus in for only a
      few mins. as MM and his bright brains made the electricity go
      like "POOF".. All lights out.. No more juice..
      Luckily we (ofcourse) got it back very fast.

   Though I missed a cool day of partying ..  After a personal
   invitation done by Elmo on my board:  "Yo..luser..where ru...  what
   about us huh???  leaving us alone..  we want our money back!!!" ;-)
   I finally showed up at the partyplaza..  This plaza was a nice
   room, which could easily hold the 13 people that were present.  Yep,
   there were only 13 people present at the party but hey, that was not
   much of a problem.

   / "Thought I missed a cool day of partying .. " ??????, -> You misted
      the best night of partying. The first night was the coolest!, When
      half of the people where a sleep, and the real "bikkels" where still
      up, whe played ROTT with eight peops, for about 5 hours long. That
      was slamin -;) (tha people who did it will agree).

   >> If any Lamer who didnt show up reads this: Thanx.. I dont think
      yer welcome next time. Because of lack of peopz we were short on
      money to pay the rent for the toko. So much for the promised
      bitterballs. :(
      Luckily we could get almost everyone to pay up another five bucks
      which turned out to be enuf.

   We all sat at a circle of tables (Well in fact it started as a
   U-shape but some bright dude (Rx2?) thought that making the U an O
   was a real neat thing to do ..)

   >> Wasnt that the idea of Ólmo?.. Argh, whatever.. It WAS a nice

   @@ was..and it was a nice ID indeed  ;)

   All 13 people brought a system with them, Dr.Drain even took two,
   to make sure I could use one of those beloved PCs also ..
   Funny thing was that there was one Amiga present, but i dont quite
   remeber who brought this amazing machine ;) ..

   >> Apollo still didnt learn from this weekend. He still uses a
      keyboard with internal CPU/HDD. Funny thing wus that he had his
      diskdrive and power supply EXTERNAL.. Hmm must be the Amiga way
      of doing.. And he bought a low-res monitor with it.. Kinda looked
      like a normal tele.. Nah, the Amiga-PC war will never die.
      This time it was only 1 Amiga against 12 PC-users..
      Better bring reinforcements next time, Apollo.. ;)

   @@ What about tha multitasking and stuff..

   XX Nope indeed the war never stops. Too bad you werent among the dudes
   XX that really did take a look at Amiga, you wouldnt be slamming words
   XX like that.. Ólmo did take a look. Yes, indeed, I am kindda tired of
   XX this never-ending war, especially coz 95% of the PC users doesnt
   XX know shit bout Amiga. I do bout PC.

   >> Well, lets put an end to this rite now..
      You know, as well as I do that I dont know shit about Amiga..
      Its just that I like to get U on top of the closet..
      Further no offence man, U know how I really think about Amiga..
      Oh, yeah. I Think this whole part should be deleted from this phile..
      I dont think it belongs in a party rep. anyway. This should be all
      about fun things..

   Most oda time at the party was spend playing cool network games,
   Command and Conquer, Doom, Rott, even Karts ..

   >> Hmm I played a bit of MK3, too. That was only for an hr. orso..
      Yeah, I sure kicked Renos ass there.. Further there was no one
      to fight with. Probably afraid of being beaten up like hell. :)

   Ive learned more bout C&C in these two days then at all
   the time at sk00l ..  First night seemed to have been quite cool,
   lotsa noise, almost no sleeping ..  Aso even seemed to feel a need
   to go outside and do some face modifications there, ive heard ..
   / Whell, modificationary_doing_and_stuff_smashing is my hobby you
      know (next to BTW dont pay attention to the next part.
      Ólmo didnt fuck my face, I did it Myself....  (ASSHOLE <---!!)
      O, That brings me 2 a nice Quote from tha little gay that was snoopying
      around the whole time :  " Je moet Ólmo niet zo pesten ".
                        and :  " Ólmo, je moet ASO gewoon een keer terug slaan"
      Guess he felt sorry for Ólmo, But hey, Who doesnt -;) (just kiddn!);

   >> Thanx to Ólmo his chin seemed to look a lot more red than before.
      They were like hopping around the place in their sleeping bags,
      chasing eachother like hunter & rabbit. And so, Ólmo got Aso to
      put his body to the floor.

   @@ That was almost the kwlest thing i did on tha party (and thats
      the truth..) his chin got all bleeding like hell..he even went
      to the toilet 4 it..and ruined tha pisbakken with toilet paper..
      His face looked like this:    ;)o

   But i cant tell ya much about that nite coz, as i said, i wasnt
   there ..

   >> Hehe.. I was. Well, it was like the second nite.. But we started
      to play a bit later., because of everyone wanting to copy everything
      to every system.
      But playing netgames sure wus phun. I didnt play a lotta C&C.
      I knew my ass would get kicked anyway. Strange thing is (sad to)
      that time flies when you are computering, just like at home.
      Almost everyone started to get a little tired (and a bit cold)
      so they went into their sleeping bags behind the comp.
      I really didnt get much sleep the first nite. It wus like 7:30
      when I first put my body to rest. Not that I got much of that,
      because that was around the time that people who went to sleep much
      earlier woke up. Id like to thank MM for loud the house music and
      the nice Doom/Rott/C&C sound effects around that time.
      It made me and SiR take a nap somewhere else, in the hallway that is.
      Not that it wus peace and quiet there, but it was better than being
      almost on top of the 2 times 200(?) Watt PA speakers.
      Emagine Doom shots and screaming coming out of it.. Then youll
      know just a little of how I felt.

   @@ Puttin your body to rest in tha first nite is lame.. first nite i
      didnt get any got sleep tha second nite (or was
      it in the evening or at daylight), about 3 hours or so..

   Saturdayevening was a evening that included some Laserquesting in the
   centre of Hengelo ..  8 dudes went there to shoot eachothers asses ..  
   Big winner oda game was Rx2 ..  He probably hacked the computersystem
   over there ;) ..  Back at the party plaza (the way back was a happening
   on itself, featuring some neat singing)

   >> (Thanks to Aso & his girlfriend and the alcohol in their bodies)

   @@ Thought that i had a little vinger in de pap" 2..I thought i was pretty
      funny to at the way back..
      btw..we almost got into a fight with sum foreign people, this is what
      they said: "Zin in een potje staatvechten" ..deed me denken aan
      streetfighter3..maar we gingen er niet verder op in.. een potje
      c&c zou beter zijn geweest (dan kan ik nog winnen ;)

   we got a hookup to the telephone line which was quite
   nice to get some oda latest Amy and PC demos ..  The night fell
   and this time there wasnt a single person who lasted all nite long
   without sleep ..

   >> Uhuh, yeah. I went beddy-bye at about 2:30, too. All the sleep I had
      the first nite just wasnt enuf.

   This nite was also one of a LOT of network problems which caused some
   heated discussions bout pws and stuff ..
   Most people slept through it (except for Marieke, ASOs girlfriend,
   the only girl at the party) ..

   / yepp, that sucked, next time shes not gonna be there!
      i missed half of the party becouse of her..  Not that i dont love her.
      but she HATES and i mean HATES COMPUs.

   >> Affermative. It was her nice and sweet (loud) voice who woke me up
      that morning.. or was it the afternoon?

   XX Afternoon, Masir, defenitely afternoon ;)

   And then Sunday came ..  For some it came round 9:00, for some at
   13:30, but it did come.  Lotsa people had to leave in the afternoon,
   bout 15:00, 6 people stayed some longer ..
   And thats where Im now, next to Doom-addicted people,
   ticking this file ..

   >> Yeah, the already gone people sure did miss this. I remembered
      making a Doom-wad a little time ago. I got inspired by LaserQuest
      back then. So I looked up the phile and we went blasting eachothers
      guts out.

   @@ They kicked my ass a lot..but hey..i did tha were quite
      But jess..I loved it..should do that more often..

   Most people had a great time here, and the TI-drome sure will come again,
   Probably same place, as long as its not growing too big ..  like 30 a 40
   people is possible I guess ..
   Okay ..  Gotta go out get some money to pay the rent othis casa ..
   Id better put an end to this .. See ya all in the box at sk00l .. !

   >> Id like to thank all the people who were at the party.. They are
      all listed below. I sure had a great time.
      I agree with Apollo on continuing the Ti-Drome saga.. soon..
      C-Yall at the NEW messiebox at school (sigh, I hate that word)..

   @@ me 2..but not too sone..we have to build up sum tension here..
      Then we can Xplode at tha party..

   XX Indeed, this should be a returning event every half year or so.

   Signed, Apollo/Ryl
   Sysop of The Riot House

   PRoPS, QouTeS, PeaCe & ReSPeCT!
  MasiR/b2-Crew">No Logic
>> Extra thanks to the partypeopz:
(All appear in order of handle popping into my mind)
- Master Max!mum - Apollo - YoseK - SiR - Aso (& Marieke)- Rx2
- Elmo - Reno - Dr-Drain - ET - Jimmy - Art-X -